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The Body Finder

The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting

Unimpressed. That's what I felt after finally getting through the book. Seriously, I was so excited with the prologue because stories about serial killers are supposed to be interesting right? The mystery, the revelations, the piecing together of the puzzle. But meh, this was not what I had expected.


The major thing you would have to know is that this book is mostly about Violet and Jay's relationship. I felt that all the other elements to the story - Violet's gift (or curse), the serial killer, the murders- were added to at least have a decent flow going. Still, the chapters were excruciating to read because they made simple things complicated. I had more fun on the chapters detailing the killer's thoughts than how the Vi's relationship was going.


Violet's character is one of the worst "heroines" I've encountered. Things and choices she made were blamed to anyone/anything else. She blamed Jay for:

- his smile when she fell and scraped her knees
- ditching her after school so she said yes to Grady's invitation to the homecoming dance
- Jay's absence which encouraged Grady's presence that certain week in school


Seriously? She is also one of those generic characters where she thinks she's unattractive and how there's just no way her hot bestfriend would fall for her but it turned out that he likes her. Why does the plot always have to be like that? But this couple, oh they also have attitude. Both of them used people to make the other envious, but making a statement later that they weren't even sorry for what happened.


And the ending, what more can I say? Everything worked out perfectly for all of them. How Violet was left alone for the serial killer to hunt. How Jay knew something was wrong. How the uncle figured out the killer right in time. Perfect timing for everything. Yaaaay!!!! *sarcastic grin*


The best of reading this? When it was over :)