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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly Actual rating is 2.5

This had been a tough read for me - almost to the point of giving up. I checked the reviews and some people said the same thing. I'm proud to have endured and finished though. I had been thinking what is it that put people off so they end up putting the book down. Personally, there were too much details/info in the beginning - names, songs, blahs, smart ass kids - that most have a hard time relating to. Then, there's Andi. Oh, who could stand this kid? Just full of angst!

I am not very familiar with the French Revolution but I'm glad to have even learned something. Of course that's one of the great things about historical fiction is that you get to learn. But if you are a noob like me, then it would probably decrease your interest just because it isn't much of the basics. I enjoyed the whole sleuth thing though, of discovering about Louis-Charles and Amade Malherbeau. I appreciate the author's diligence in researching for facts then intertwining it with her fiction.

Despite of all the hate in the book, I'm glad it ended well. The last chapter had the decency to show Andi's change of heart. I'm happy for her but of course she was just lucky that Virgil was there to save her twice.

It was a smart read but I don't think it caters to all young adults.