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From Bad to Cursed

From Bad to Cursed - Katie Alender Katie Alender has been consistent in making this book as good as the first one. I have high expectations for horror books because I am a fan of the genre, and so far this series hasn't been disappointing.

Kasey was finally back home after the dangerous involvement with the vengeful spirit, Sarah. Things had been hard considering that people became suspicious of her disappearance. That's when the Sunshine Club got involved. There was a promise of betterment in all aspects if you let go and give in to Aralt. Alexis and bff Megan smelled trouble and were off to the save the day. Or was it they who needed the saving?

I absolutely loved the twist in this book. It wasn't as predictable as the first one. Kasey was the one saving the day when Alexis and Megan began devoting their lives to Aralt, even being blinded to hurt others in the way. I loved how the other characters from the previous book was again involved in this one. I would have hoped to get to know the minor characters from the photography contest. Too bad they only appeared briefly.

I'm definitely reading the next book! :)