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Die for Me

Die for Me - Amy Plum Fact 1: Plot is so common! A depressed girl meets a perfect, hot boy who seems to be full of dark secrets. Yet, with the lucky turn of events, they bump into each other often. Girl becomes obsessed with boy. Turns out boy is in love with girl. But because of this "secret", their relationship becomes complicated and they have to work together to defeat the villain.

Fact 2: Reading this made me think of Twilight so much. I'm not sure if you'll think of that as a bad thing but I'm not a fan of the series causing me to shudder whenever the similarities present themselves.

Fact 3: The thing that I like about the story is the unusual creatures called the "revenants". It is the first time I've heard about them and what their nature is. That is what sets the whole story apart from the others. And oh, I like the setting too! I'm glad how we are given a little tour of Paris with Kate and Vincent's adventure.

Overall, this wasn't such a bad read. However, the events were really predictable and I feel bad that a lot of comparisons had been made. The next books in the series would probably be better but I don't think I'd be in any hurry to find out how Kate and Vincent's love story unfolds.