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The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider Like what some people expressed, I like the other title, Severed Heads, Broken Hearts, better. This book talked about tragedies, how we are all bound to encounter one. The same happened to our golden boy, Ezra Faulkner. Oh, he was everything - athlete, decent grades, popular friends, homecoming king title.. Sounds perfect right? That was until everything went downhill, or was it really downhill?

The beginning of the book was kind of gory when we were told of Toby's incident with the severed head. But I don't get how people would find that funny. If it happened to them, they probably would be scared out of their wits too. I got bored as the story progressed, because I felt like most of the characters were really shallow and stupid. I can't seem to appreciate the dumb high school life they led - booze, sex, fun. It may be true for some, but that was one prejudice that didn't happen to me at that age.

Cassidy was a figure of irony for me. I thought she was someone who wasn't bothered by what people thinks because she knew better. It turned out that she actually made herself a prisoner of the past. It didn't state what happened to her, and I appreciated that. We could at least fill the void with our own imagination on how things went for her. At least she was instrumental in helping Ezra finally find himself, and to live rather than exist.

Emphasized on importance of life, but I found it rather boring.