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Heist Society

Heist Society - Ally Carter And so we meet Katarina Bishop, who hails from a family of thieves. And not just ordinary thieves, but also the best ones. Katarina dreams of something else, but was forced to go back when a threat comes to her father's life. Will a group of kids be able to take on a job that was deemed impossible? Will Katarina be able to save her father's life?

I like mystery books so I was excited for this book. It kind of reminded me of 39 clues when they had to travel to different places and seek for ways to steal from Henley. I like the brilliant schemes they put together, the art pieces that were discussed, and of course the characters who helped with the whole conspiracy. I'm not sure if I liked Katarina very much but I still look forward to reading the next books in the series.

The plot was something I enjoyed considering it was a quick and engaging read.