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Keturah And Lord Death

Keturah And Lord Death - Martine Leavitt
I will tell you a story of magic and love, of daring and death, and one to comfort your heart. It will be the truest story I have ever told. Now listen, and tell me if it is not so.

Basing only on the cover and the title, I had my doubts on this book, but I'm glad I cam across it. Keturah and the Lord Death has a unique plot taking place in an older setting where there are kings and peasants, and people find pleasure in the simple village life. The beginning of the story details how Keturah almost passed on to the other side, but made a deal with Lord Death in order to have a few more days to live. Will true love help her overcome this tragedy? Will she be able to save her village from a coming plague? or will she simply let Lord Death take her?

One of the things that I love about this story is the language the author used. Obviously, it took place before the modern world, but I love the simplicity of it. Although the story tried to include the village and some of its people, it wasn't confusing and didn't dwell on unnecessary details. The ending was something I anticipated although I'm sure the author didn't try to make it as obvious. An added plus was that it was a quick read, which was made for busy people like me! :)

Of course we can never cheat death, but that is why we make the most of life while we can. :)