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Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott It is heartbreaking to think that this book is a work of fiction yet the story is very real. There are monsters around us, pretending to be nice and quiet, but are capable of horrific acts.

I have to say that the author made a brave move in creating this story. Ray, a pedophile who claims to take care of his girls, is actually the reason of their pain and struggles. But why is he doing that? He was also bound by his traumatic past - a mother who instead of nurturing and loving him, forced him to do things that are morally and legally wrong. And the cycle continues; Ray is now the perpetrator. Even Alice, upon knowing that there might be a little girl replacing her, had excited thoughts an even looked forward to that day.

This book is meant to open our eyes to the evils happening in the society. We are not in a place to judge or chastise. It is true, people would ask, "Why didn't you do something?" How swift we are to comment when we don't even know how much they've been through. My heart goes out to these people, who even time, will not erase the scars of such morbid past.