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Ask the Passengers

Ask the Passengers - A.S. King Acutal rating is 3.5

Astrid Jones, originally from the city was forced to move into a small town with a promise of a better environment. However, she and her family gets caught in the they-expect-you-to-be-perfect business where there is continuous gossip and rumor. Astrid begins to fall in love.. with another girl. This causes a torment to cage herself as expected of those around her, or to finally be free and don't give a damn.

I was actually excited to read this book because it caught my attention while reading the back cover alone. As I get further and further into the story though, I had to drag myself to finish it. The writing style is what kept me going. A.S. King definitely did a good job of naturally using philosophy as a factor to bring across a point - equality. I like that intellectual side of it because readers would really stop for a moment and would have to agree with Astrid's thoughts. Are we like the prisoners in the cave, bound only to see the shadows laid down in front of us? And we become finally free, do we have the courage to face the sunlight or would it be too much that we'd rather settle for the shadows?