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The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Nobody "Bod" Owens, referred to as the living boy, was raised in a graveyard on the top of a hill. His family was murdered and he was adopted by a dead couple who gave him to the care of Silas, his guardian. Bod took lessons from the dead, listened to their stories, played with them, and the graveyard was his home. But the man who murdered his family is still out looking for him and Bod has yet a lot to learn in order to survive the real world.

I love the story! Again, Neil Gaiman winds me over his writing style that is entertaining yet thought provoking. Death in not usually a theme used in composing children's stories, but this was done in such a manner that death can only be but a threshold waiting to be discovered. We find the irony that it were the dead who wanted to bring Bod to safety; as soon as he tried his hand being with the living, he had gone to trouble.

When Scarlet met with Bod for the second time, it regrettably didn't go as well. I couldn't blame Bod for how he can be socially awkward, given his upbringing, but Scarlet was also right when the things she had seen led her to think that Bod was heartless - even a monster. I hope there would have been a better resolve instead of her having to leave and forget all their memories.

The ending was right. And by that I didn't mean happy nor sad - it was both. Sad that he had to live his home and his friends, happy that he now have a whole lot ahead of him to write his own story. My heart ached at the last words given to him by his parents - I'm proud of you my son. If ever he stumbled upon the graveyard again, it would just be another place. I hope that in his heart, there would always remain that part of him who once walked with the dead.