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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks My real rating is 2.5 but I guess I'll just have to round it up. I enjoyed reading but it didn't really blow me away.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to read the book in the beginning. I'm not really a fan of mermaid stories (The Little Mermaid excluded). However, I'm glad I did because I needed some light reading after going for Stephen King's Insomnia which I haven't finished by the way. By light, I meant the plot was simple, fast-paced, and engaging.

What I don't really like however is the fact that this plot is common! So common in fact that you can categorize it under stories with all-too-perfect guys ending up liking a girl, who doesn't think she was special just until this guy showed up. You know the drill. :p However, it was good that they added some twist with all the other characters and even had a cliff hanger ending that would get fans to wonder, what happens next?

I would read the next book in the series when I have time but it is not something I would prioritize.