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The Red Umbrella

The Red Umbrella - Christina Diaz Gonzalez This is a story about a young girl whose family was caught up in the turmoil brought about by the Cuban Revolution. Because of the increasing threats and continuous stripping of freedom, Lucia Alvarez's parents decided that the children (Lucia and Frankie) leave Cuba and head to America. They believed that this would provide a safe haven for the children.

The book is easy to follow because this book is intended for elementary students or teens. The writer gave a simple explanation of the Cuban Revolution although she doesn't go so much in detail about it. What she focused on were more on the effects of it - to Lucia and her family, of families in general who were present at that time. She was able to narrate it well because it was based on her parent's own experience who escaped to the United States.

The title was appropriate for the story even though one might fail to guess what the connection truly was. The red umbrella was abhorred by Lucia, insisting that it is a cause for her embarrassment. That was when she was selfish and wished to go against her parents; she didn't understand that they were protecting her. However, she soon understood that the red umbrella was a symbol of strength, the same time that she realized that her family was the most important to her.

Now I feel more informed about the Cuban revolution :)