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Just One Wish

Just One Wish - Janette Rallison I sincerely wish that I can somehow increase my rating on this book, but that would be unfair. I liked the concept of the book and the lesson it teaches on the purpose of life. Story-wise, I just don't buy it.

Jeremy, a boy suffering from cancer, had a wish - to meet Teen Robin Hood in person. That was totally unexpected for his sister Annika, who thought that all Jeremy would wish for is the action figure version of Robin Hood. She decided that there is only one way for her to play genie; she needs to see Steve Raleigh, the actor, in person. Nothing is impossible right? Annika is prepared to do anything to give Jeremy his heart's desire, even if it meant the impossible.

The story is easy to follow. There are just a few characters and the spotlight only belongs to three - Annika, Steve, and Jeremy. I loved Annika because of her determined spirit and love for her brother. Her strong will is what turns her plan into actions. But she can also be careless, hence the twists in the story. Steve is described as physically perfect but is a bit impaired when it comes to family matters. Both characters also find resolve with their problems as the story continued to develop. My favorite character would be Jeremy! Who can beat the innocence of a child? From him, we get the great example of love and the purpose of life. It is to learn to brave through challenges and still become happy. His last wish was just heartwarming.

Now, let me get to the parts that I don't like. A lot of the situations in the story is impossible. Some of it were even too convenient, like the fact that Annika is the president of the archery club so she got the chance to beat Steve. The romance part was the worst! Ugghh. So you get to drive with this super famous star and he ends up kissing you? Liking you even? So far-fetched! How can you be even alone with him? It just how things kind of fixed themselves to result into a great turn of events. Seriously, how convenient!

The ending redeemed the book. Annika was finally enlightened as to what her purpose is. Life can throw a lot of things at you; that's a fact. But we should not let that stop us from moving forward. Lucky for you Annika, you have a lot of blessings that you were blind about at first. I was satisfied with the ending. I don't think it can get any better.