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Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Confessions of a Murder Suspect - Maxine Paetro, James Patterson I feel so bad having to rate this as two stars because I am a James Patterson fan. However, I could not really lie to myself so I'm just going to have to put in my honest review.

I started out liking the book. Parents found murdered inside their own room with 3 of their children inside the house. How was it possible that no one heard them scream? How was it possible that they were killed right under the residents' noses? Who had the motive for doing such a horrendous act?

As the story went deeper, this big closet of secrets was opened and the skeletons came tumbling out. Tandoori or Tandi, one of the Angel children, is the narrator in the story. Her goal was to find out the real killer, even if it meant convicting one of her siblings. Each of them were put into focus. Matthew, the NFL star who disagreed with his parents; Harry, the child prodigy who never felt loved; Hugo, the war-freak boy who received the biggest chop and admitted he wanted his parents dead; and Tandoori, who saw herself as a bird in a cage. Everything about the Angel family was bizarre! In fact, I had a hard time buying that such a twisted family would exist.

The focus was then turned to the mysterious drugs that the kids had been taking. The story went downhill at this point. I was bored reading about those stupid meds and the effect they had on the children. I've had enough of Tandoori playing detective because I find her self-important, as her uncle Peter called her.

The ending was rather disappointing. I had my suspicions on what happened and turned out I was right. What their parents did wasn't an act of sacrifice as it an act of selfishness. Did they consider what would happen to their children? Did they even think about how they would be branded as murderers? Had the kids not found that video, they were bound to be doomed. What kind of parents would do that?

A lot of questions remained unanswered. I'm still going to read the next book because I still love James Patterson. This just didn't go well for me. :)