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Every Soul A Star

Every Soul A Star - Wendy Mass This is a good story of friendship and self-discovery. Three teens were unexpectedly changed as circumstances led them to Moon Shadow campground, the best place to view this year's eclipse. Ally have lived here all her life and couldn't ask for more. How will she handle it when she finds out they are moving out? Bree, a self-centered model wannabe, received the shock of her life when her family decided to move away from civilization and be the next caretakers of the camp. How will she adjust to this kind of life away from all the glamour? Jack, a pudgy boy with low self-esteem, agreed to be his science teacher's assistant to get away with summer classes. Totally oblivious to his role, he will do anything not to mess up.

The characters in this story can be annoying at times, but understandable. I liked all the information on stars and space found throughout the book although I hard a hard time imagining how the eclipse looked. I bet there are just some things that you have to experience yourself so that you can appreciate it. I think there were times when too much information was dumped that made me confused or bored.

The ending was the part I liked best. They finally got to accept that it was the start of a new beginning for them. Ally became excited in seeing the world. Bree figured out that there was so much to learn and she can unleash that inner geek again. Jack realized that he didn't need to care about what others think. I'm excited for them and stories they would tell once they see each other again.