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Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver Pandemonium is the continuation of Lena's story after the huge cliffhanger of its precedent, Delirium. Readers might be trying to look for answers in this book, the major ones like, "What happened to Alex?" or "What happened to Lena's mom?" However, this book does little to satisfy your curiosity.

The author uses a different writing style in this book. We are given alternating glimpses of THEN as in Lena's life after crossing the fence and NOW which deals with the present situation - a stronger Lena who is officially part of the resistance. This style is helpful in keeping the reader engaged because I was continuously looking forward to the merging of the stories until the picture became clearer. Lena has become determined to carry out plans against the DFA. Her assignment was to tail Julian Fineman, who turned out to be a major character in the book.

As usual, the pacing is slow and mostly conversational. Lauren Oliver is very descriptive in her writing and you can almost imagine what the characters are doing. A major part of this book is about Lena and Julian trying to escape their kidnappers and most of the action occurs in the end. Twists have been presented leading to more questions. The ending was yet another cliffhanger, probably bigger than the last. I hope Lena doesn't make promises she can't keep.

I'm looking forward to the last installment although I'm hoping that Lena doesn't turn like Bella Swan or other of the love triangles that turns out waaay annoying.