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John Dreamer

John Dreamer - Elise Celine I was disappointed with this book because I initially thought that the story idea had a lot of potential. Seven teenagers just woke up to find themselves in a strange room without any recollection of how they got there. Each was unique in personality, but they soon found out that there were challenges to surpass and lessons to learn in order to achieve their potential.

The characters were underdeveloped. They were described by the narrator based on her opinions but we weren't given any idea as to who they really were. They were each given an ordeal that they have to undergo and as they successfully face their fears, they disappear. It turned out that they accomplished something great because of these elaborate setups. They were fully aware though that this was imaginary in a way, yet they fall for it every time. Seriously? And then the stories seemed to revolved around Andrea or Andy, who was by far, the most annoying character in the book. She fell in love with John in just 8.5 seconds? I couldn't believe that her perception of love was that shallow! Her thoughts - I let him take over my heart, my mind, my soul while they were kissing. Holy creepers!

And the other thing that I don't get was Andrea's ability to change the past. She was able to go back to her childhood regret and set things right. How lucky for her then! If only all of our regrets could be taken care of the same way.

The ending was so bad that I was shaking my head in frustration. John chose Andy over his father. He'd rather carry that grudge and be led to believe that his father didn't care about them just so he can be with his dream girl. This whole book feels like a prologue rather than actually starting the story. I hope that the future books would contain more depth, better plot twists, and a better connection to the readers.