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Until I Die

Until I Die - Amy Plum About time I finish! It took me forever!! This book is the second installment of the Revenant Series. I wasn't a big fan of the first one, but I thought I should give this a try. Sadly, this made my conviction stronger on this series - one of the worst I've read thus far.

Have you ever read something that you disliked but everybody seems to love? Well, this is it for me. I dislike the main character, Kate, and was super annoyed at her all throughout the book. The plot was bleh; it was super predictable! I guessed about everything except for Ambrose loving Genevieve. The action was slow to pick up and there wasn't much going on until about the end.

Kate always pushes herself to be right, but in the end, she is always wrong endangering all those around her. Here are some examples of why I hate her:
- Vincent had broken ribs and was bleeding from a cut on the forehead. KATE: Are you Ok?
Why duh?? Oh yeah he is ok, obviously! Can't you see?
- Been pushing Vincent to know everything stating, "I can take anything". But when given the truth, she was far from handling it!
- Doesn't like Vincent hiding things from her, but deliberately lied to him on what she was doing. How dare her talk about trust when she obviously isn't trustworthy.
- Super needy!
- Coquettish. Just why does she have to tell the readers every time when one of the boys gives an "appreciative comment", or "whistles appreciatively". She wallowed in self-pity, claiming her sister is the pretty one, but seemed to like the attention very much.
- She told herself that she was in danger because of Vincent. Uhmm, hello? Last time I checked you placed yourself in that situation? Weren't you the one looking for the healer and even lying about it?

Sorry but every time I turned the pages in this book, I was just presented of more and more reasons to hate Kate. The story could have been decent, but Kate's shallow, annoying, pathetic, dumb, selfish character just masked anything that could have been good in this book. :|