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Omens: A Cainsville Novel (Omens and Shadows)

Omens - Kelley Armstrong Olivia's life totally changed from a rich and cultured to independent and superstitious when the secret about her biological parents came out. Who would have known that she was Eden, the daughter of serial killers? Now she had to stay away from her former life and embrace a new one, in this small town called Cainsville. It didn't turn out to be hushed and quiet; there are mysteries to be solved.

I loved the unique story that the author has presented. I thought the beginning was kind of slow, but it became truly engaging as the plot developed. It wasn't much of a fantasy book as it was categorized but more or a mystery, questions waiting to be answered. It wasn't much of a tedious read as I thought considering the number of pages but you would never notice that you've even read that far!

Will definitely read the next books in the series! :)