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Mad Love

Mad Love - Colet Abedi I received a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback.

Mad love has a simple and common plot - a naive, innocent young man meets a mysterious, rich alpha male. That's supposed to be hot and sexy right, with the resort setting as a plus. The story started out with Sophie making significant life changes and with her two best friends, went to Maldives for a vacation. Then..

Wow. Let me rephrase that. A vision of a perfect male specimen is in the room.

..enters Clayton, supposedly every woman's dream. Thus started a whirlwind of passion and sexual encounters between them. This part though, I didn't like. I didn't see how it can be romantic when Clayton is so dominant and possessive while Sophie is so submissive that she seemed to like the "erotic torture". Or maybe it's just due to the fact that this genre isn't for me. :D With the turn of events, Sophie realized that she loves him, but he can't admit that he feels the same, claiming love is something new to him. The author left with a cliffhanger which I somehow think has a pretty good explanation which readers would find out in the next installment.

The thing I probably enjoyed the most are Sophie's friends, Erik and Orie. Hahaha! They are like the perfect best friends! Without them, this story would be very dull. :)