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Legacy Code

Legacy Code - Autumn Kalquist I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest feedback.

The story was easy to understand and follow. Era, the pregnant main character, sought to discover the truth of things she was led to believe in order to save the ones she love. While reading this book, I just have this feeling that the concept wasn't new. It seems like a common plot, as you can often read in dystopian/sci-fi YA books. Maybe one of the things that sets it apart was how the MC is already married, hence romance was limited.

It was short yet tragic. It seemed like there could have been more to the story, almost like something was lacking. The characters weren't really developed as time was spent for the unfolding of the story. Thus, I can't really say I loved the characters or relate to them. It seemed that the next book will be the story of another character so I wonder how that'll turn out.

Thanks Autumn Kalquist for the opportunity to review your story!