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Fine Cooking Cakes & Cupcakes: 100 Best Ever Recipes

Fine Cooking Cakes & Cupcakes: 100 Best Ever Recipes - Fine Cooking I received a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback.

My love for baking and learning more recipes urged me to get an ARC of this book. Judging by the cover, I would be able to make yummy cakes and cupcakes. What's not love about that?

One of the promises of this book is being able to bake from scratch and not relying entirely on boxed mixes. I went through the recipes and was glad with the assortment of desserts that were presented. Along with the recipes are pictures which are only meant to encourage you more! I found some relatively easy to bake, but there are still which are meant for a more skilled level. Maybe a suggestion would be to determine which ones are for beginners or for the advanced so it would be easier to find. I loved how the instructions are clear and easy to follow. There are also tidbits of advice which are very helpful.

If I get the chance to try one and like it, I'll definitely continue using the recipes from this book!