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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa - Kristen Lippert-Martin *I received a free digital copy from EgmontUSA via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest feedback.

Forgetting is the antidote for every problem. Is it really?

My thoughts would probably resonate what others had to say for this book. The story started out extremely interesting and exciting. I actually loved the mystery of it all, waiting to be revealed. Turns out, the hype was all for nothing because what you'll get further along is more questions, commonplace revelations, until you'll find it a bit of a bore.

Tabula Rasa's setting was in a hospital facility believed to have been helping its patients forget the past. After all, that was solution to everything right? That's what the readers are bound to find out. Be warned that answers may take awhile. I was disappointed with some of the answers because they were given so much buildup when there wasn't really anything special going on. :(

Of course there were parts when the heroine outlasted them all just because of stupidity or sheer luck. Example : There were armed men all over the building wanting to kill Sarah/Angel. Twice, they thought she was dead when in reality she was just playing along. How it happened? Instead of checking for heartbeat or a pulse, they checked her breathing. Stupid ain't it? Obviously that's something you can try to fake :| Nice concept, but poorly executed that it took away the good vibes I got during the start of the book.